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A Definitive Ranking Of Zillow Gone Wild's Top Five Most Amazing Houses

A Definitive Ranking Of Zillow Gone Wild's Top Five Most Amazing Houses
We spoke to the man behind everyone's favorite real estate account to find out which of Zillow's wildest listings he loves the most.
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If you've seen a bizarre or breathtaking Zillow listing on Twitter (sorry, X) lately, chances are it was posted by @zillowgonewild. Run by real estate enthusiast Samir Mezrahi, the account is dedicated to bringing its followers the wildest, weirdest, most impressive properties the Zillow website has to offer.

Samir started the account in late 2020, deep in pandemic times, and says it blew up pretty much immediately. It was when SNL dropped a spoof song about browsing Zillow, though, that he knew for sure he was "really onto something."

"Since then, it's grown to over four million subs across social media, and is one of, if not the, largest real estate social media account," he says. "People are always sending me wild homes, so it's fun to check my inbox because I really never know what I am going to see."

Here at Digg, we've consistently celebrated the good, bad and ugly properties dotted across the US — but now, we defer to the authority on one-of-a-kind houses, Zillow Gone Wild, for the definitive ranking of Zillow's most incredible homes.

5. This lovely house in Dayton, Ohio

dayton ohio house

"This one just really resonated with everyone in terms of how the interior design was done. I have never seen so many 'this is the perfect home' comments like I have with this one, and it was under a million dollars, which seems cheap these days."

dayton ohio zillow home [Image credit: Zillow]

4. Vilano Beach Blue House, Florida

vilano beach blue house

"Some homes, you need just one image to understand what is happening, and with this one, a single image was enough. It was finally torn down a few weeks ago after the town deemed it unsafe."

vilano beach blue house florida [Image credit: Zillow]

3. This Frank Lloyd Wright house in Tulsa

frank lloyd wright tulsa

"I'm from Tulsa and always knew about this home growing up there, so seeing the inside and seeing it on the market, it has a special place in my heart."

frank lloyd wright westhope [Image credit: Zillow]

2. Invisible House, California

invisible house

"Another really cool home that delivers on its name."

invisible house california [Image credit: Zillow]

1. The Whale House, California

whale house zillow

"I've never seen such a unique home that delivers like this — it really is a house shaped like a whale."

whale house [Image credit: Zillow]

Look familiar? This house was featured on our July roundup of Zillow's wackiest homes.


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