Israel Continues Bombardment Of Gaza As Hamas Vows To Kill Hostages
Israel says the bodies of about 1,500 Hamas fighters were found in Israeli territory as the country's military reclaimed control of the border.
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The Lede

The Israeli military says it has regained full control of the Gaza border Tuesday, as the fourth day of fighting sees death tolls reportedly reach 900 in Israel and around 700 in Gaza and the West Bank.

Key Details

  • Israel's fierce offensive in Gaza continues, with schools, hospitals and refugee camps in the region damaged or destroyed by airstrikes.
  • The armed wing of Hamas has threatened to kill an Israeli hostage every time Israel strikes civilian targets in the Gaza Strip without warning.
  • UN leader António Guterres says he is "deeply distressed" by Israel's decision to cut off electricity and deliveries of food, fuel and other supplies to Gaza in its complete siege of the territory.


  1. Ares Lathe 19 hours ago

    Air striking Mosques and Churches, cutting food water and power.. Israel seems keen to punish civilians for the actions of an extremist group.

    1. Sevan 18 hours ago the extremist group takes civilian Israeli hostages and uses them as collateral ???

      Get real, Ares!

      Time to wipe out Hamas and Hesbollah. It's a long time coming!

      1. Ares Lathe 17 hours ago

        Try not to judge what's unfolding now as unprecedented or unusual.
        Both armed sides of this conflict have committed atrocious acts against each other for decades while civilians pay the price.

        1. Cindy Lou Poquette 12 hours ago

          Let's not forget this land was Palestine. The Palestinians did not cede the land to form Israel. This decision was made by guilt-ridden countries after World War II. Thus the People of Palestine fight to be a part of their own country while their olive trees are bulldozed down, their house destroyed for illegal housing, their work options and mobility severly hampered. I am so sad to see this tradegy unfolding, however, I can understand their frustration as they literally lose more and more ground. Generations of youth only know occupation and sadness. Put something fair on the table negotiators!

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